Footpauler About

Being born in Huddersfield means I’ve always believed I’ve always been allowed to choose two football teams. My local ‘little’ team and a ‘big’ club. It provides a strange blessing; I never get too upset when my home-town club slip down the leagues, but I don’t genuinely love anybody else.

I now live in Kendal, just on the edges of the Lake District, which means I’m not exactly living in a hotbed of quality football. My nearest league team is Morecambe FC, my county’s only professional team is Carlisle United, therefore my affections are claimed by the mighty black and white army of Kendal Town (The Mintcakes), who play their home games at the majestic, both in name and architectural achievements, Lancaster and Morecambe College Stadium (now that’s not confusing is it?!).

So this should make me a neutral, independent observer. But I have too many preconceived opinions and rather than shouting at the TV whilst Andy Townsend offers his amazing words of wisdom, or moaning about the next manager’s “I didn’t see that decision well enough to comment,” comment, or question the number of trophies Harry Redknapp won to make him believe he was a worthy contender for the English manager’s job, I thought I’ll write it all down and see if anybody else can actually be bothered to read it…

Seems to be a better idea than boring my wife.